On the Gig / 2003
Engineered by Chris Garges, Jay Howard Studios; Mastered by Mark Stallings, Studio East, Charlotte, NC
Just Happens / 2001
More information about Hipshack's 2001 album "Just Happens" will be available soon.
File Under Funk / 1999
Charlotte, NC's "Creative Loafing" named Hipshack 1999’s "Best New Jazz Group" for the Charlotte Area

Scott McCloud Trio / 1998
Track 2, "Don't Leave Mad, Just Leave" is featured in Steven Markoff's film, "A Bettor's Life." more



Discography "Superfunk" with Chronic (1997), "Scott McCloud Trio" (1998), "The Christmas Way" with Jimma James (1999), "File Under Funk" with Hipshack (1999), "Heartless Road" with Chris Cook (2001), "Just Happens" with Hipshack (2001), "These Boots (Live) 2001-2002" with Jeff Hartman, "On the Gig" with Scott McCloud Group (2002), "Northern Accent" with Jeff Hartman (2003), "Let's Have a Swing' Time" with Russ Wilson's Mighty-Mighty Men (2003), "Looking Through Windows" with Church of the Beloved, "Better Live" with Jeff Hartman (2010); Various "Sound-a-like" recordings of artists that include Dave Matthews Band, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Presley, James Brown, Booker T & the MG's, Billy Haley, etc.

Film "Pendulum Swings" (2010), "Shallow Hal" (2001), "A Bettor's Life" (1998)