Bass Players Too many calls, double booked, need a sub for your gig?

Music Directors Need a bass player that can sight read charts, hold the groove with the kick drum and show up on time?

Band Leaders Bass player cancel on you at the last minute or just can't make the gig? Give me a call. I sing, too!

Engineers / Producers / Recording Artists Need pro "human" live bass tracks for your projects? Tired of synth bass tracks? Need the "funk?" I specialize in remote recording from my studio for any genre. No need to spend lots of money on expensive studio time. Bass tracks are recorded remotely here in my studio and then sent to you over the net. Contact me and I'll explain the process.


Please feel free to give me an online audition by previewing my Bass Demo. When I'm not gigging with Hipshack, I'm always interested in performing/recording with other groups and projects. I read notation in bass and treble clefs as well as tab and chord charts. Please see my bio for more info. more

So far, I've been very fortunate to perform in many different playing situations and styles ranging from Hard Rock, Alternative, Funk, Jam Band, Latin, Old School R&B, 70's, 80's, Hip-Hop, Motown, Classic Rock, Modern Rock, Jazz, Swing, Big Band, Bebop, Hard Bop, Jump Blues, Reggae, Country, Gospel, Contemporary Christian, Broadway Shows, plays/musicals, etc.

If you're interested in hearing me sing while playing bass, please checkout our Hipshack Demo. I do a mean Sting! hear

Preview my Bass Demo and feel free to contact me directly regarding bass bookings at or 704-560-6791.

I hope you find my Bass Demo entertaining. Thanks so much for your time and consideration... and for stopping by.

Gear Hotwire, Carvin & Fender Jazz Basses| SWR , Carvin & Ampeg amps & cabinets | Avalon & Universal Audio DI's/preamps, EQ's & compressors | EBS, SWR, Electro Harmonix, Boss, Xotic & Ampeg Effect Pedals, etc.

About the Bass Demo The medley is of various styles that I perform on a daily basis. I've included everything from Slappin' & Poppin', Funk, Swing, Blues, Soul, Punk, James Brown, Modern Rock, R&B, Latin, Reggae, Disco, Metal, Jazz & Motown/Stax. This Demo includes 16 different examples and is approx 6 minutes long.

Right click over the player to download the track.